Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New skincare regime

I haven't had any time to blog. The days I havent been working I have taken time to relax and disconnect. I will start updating my blog regurlarly as soon as things calm down a little.

In the meantime I have been trying out some very nice new skincare products at shoots. So my skincare kit has been updated with some new face masks.

I have been trying out the caudalie face masks. In case you don't know the brand Caudalie it's a natural cosmetics company that uses grape and vine extracts in their skincare.

The enzymatic peel mask I started trying on myself and somehow it's end up in my kit. Basically it's a very gentle exfoliating mask which gives instant radiance to the skin. While I am prepping the hair I usually leave this on the skin. I really am not a big fan of exfoliating skin at a shoot. I don't always have access to running water at shoots and the scrub particles dont always all get off the face where I end up giving the model a micro dermabrasion, so this mask really does wonders.

After the peel mask I apply moisturizing cream mask. This little jewel rehydrates the skin, calms and sooths it prior to applying any type of makeup (I have even applied it as my night cream after a flight). So while I finish off with the hair, the mask can just be absorbed by the skin and I get rid of the residue with some water.

Trust me when I say that the combination of these two masks makes a world of difference. Although I see foundation as the final step in your skincare regime, I am not a huge fan of the look of foundation on the skin. So the better the condition of your skin prior to applying foundation the less foundation you will need and let's face it who doesn't want glowy radiant skin without foundation.