Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lindsey Opso for Mango fashion awards

I had the change to prep my dear friend Lindsey Opso of sight management for an event by mango.

Early on we decided to give her a very classy look. She was wearing a beautiful gucci dress and burgundy valentino shoes. So I decided to give her a smoldering eye with a berry stained lip.

Her skin was almost perfect to begin with but because of her good use of sunscreen her face was a little lighter than her chest. So I unified her face with her neck with becca luminous skin colour. Some light concealing and highlighting and then her skin was almost done.
For her eyes I applied becca jewel dust in nyx and massive amounts of mascara. On her lips I first applied an orange lipliner and then added a berry toned lipstick over it.
Some powder to tone down some shine and she was ready to rumble.