Sunday, November 11, 2012

Malena Costa

I got booked on a celebrity event a few days ago and I had the opportunity to do the makeup on Spanish models Malena Costa and Judit Mascó.
The event was the opening of a new japenese brazilian fusion restaurant Ikibana en Barcelona.
I will give you guys a small break down of what I did to both models.

On the picture below you can see the final result of the makeup on Malena. She asked for something very natural with a little bit of a gold highlight on the inner corners of her eyes.

As usual I started out with prepping her skin. I really wanted her skin to radiate. Because I was planning on using a primer I decided not to apply any type of moisturizer. This meant that after cleaning and applying the caudalie enzymatic peel face mask, which will gently exfoliate the skin and promote luminosity. I applied a radiance foundation primer.

I used Becca Luminous skin colour all over the face and Becca stick foundation to gently even out the skin. Before applying concealer I highlighted cheekbones with Becca shimmering skin perfector in pearl, making sure that all the edges where blended very well. Unfortunately I ran out of Becca beach tint so I used a mix of Becca Créme blush in dahlia and amaryllis on the apple of the cheeks blending it into the foundation and highlighter so that everything flowed into each other.

To keep the eyes looking as fresh and natural as possible I used a brown eye pencil to line the top lashes and blended it onto the lid. Becca Bronze gold créme eye colour was washed just above the crease. Because this is a cream based product it will give the eyes definition but mimics the same texture as the skin. Keep the creme eyeshadow above the crease of the eye. If you apply it to low onto the lid it will crease and not last as long as it should.
A very fine line of black liner was applied to the upper lash line and blended with a black eyeshadow. A soft dusting of a shimmering cool chocolate brown eyeshadow just around the lower lash line defined the eyes without overpowering it. And to finish of the eyes a soft shimmering golden eyeshadow was applied on the inner corners of the eyes.
I finished off with a light dusting of loose powder and a little bit of bronzer applied on the highpoints of the face.