Thursday, May 3, 2012

I love invisible zinc

I have been booked on a job in Ibiza next week and when I got the shooting schedule I saw we are shooting on a boat and at the beach for 2 whole days. So I ran out and got myself some invible zinc spf 30+.

I absolutely love this sunscreen. It is made out of zinc oxide, a mineral that sits on the skins surface and block UVA, UVB and ultraviolet rays. Also the way that sunscreen is tested in Australia makes a huge differance in how much it protects the skin.

In Australia they place a thick layer of the product on to the skin prior to testing it under a UV light while in other countries the products is rubbed in and then tested. So basically you get a higher grade spf with any Australian made spf. Also the zinc helps balance and even out my oily skin.

Now before I go on any further I do need to tell you that zinc will make you look very pale under flash so I personally wouldn't recommend it for photography but for personal use it is amazing. Also the white cast some zinc sunscreens leave you with is almost non existant with invisible zinc.

I can go further into all the differant types of sunscreens out there but I am only a makeup artist and not a chemist so whatever kind of product you end up using please protect yourself from the sun with at least a SPF20 (anything less doesn't protect the skin). We all want to tan but nobody wants the wrinkles to show for it.