Thursday, November 24, 2011

Update + Asa her billboard

I really haven´t had time to write this last week. Moving to another country (even if it´s only for a couple of months) takes some planning and with an overbooked schedule (I swear I had 2 to 3 bookings a day), it becomes almost impossible. Somehow I managed and have safely arrived at my destination.

Today I went to Antwerp and bumped into a billboard with my dear friend Asa on it. I already posted this on facebook but I am so thrilled to see her after 5 months, even if it´s not in person, that I can´t stop putting it up everywhere.

I will try and post stuff from my shoots prior to leaving Barcelona as soon as humanly possible.

I was not involved in any shape or form with this job. I only took a snapshot of it;